Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)

Established under the Uganda Coffee Development Authority Statute, 1991 (as amended in 1994), the objectives of UCDA are to:

  • Promote, improve and monitor marketing of coffee with a view to optimising foreign exchange earnings and payments to the farmers.
  • Control the quality of coffee to ensure that all coffee exported meets the standards stipulated by the contract between the seller and the buyer;
  • Monitor the price of coffee to ensure no export contract for the sale of coffee is concluded at a price below the minimum price;
  • Develop and promote the coffee and other related industries through research and extension arrangements

The functions of UCDA include issuing of certificates in respect of grade and quantity of coffee; issuing transportation permits in respect of export of coffee; licensing all organisations and bodies applying to market coffee; certifying all coffee exports; collecting, maintaining and disseminating statistical data in respect of all aspects of the coffee industry; researching and making extension arrangements through MAAIF or any other organisation established for the purpose; and organising training for technicians, coffee processors and quality controllers.

UCDA implements its mandate and functions through a Board of Directors which is composed of representatives of MIIT, MoFPED, and MAAIF; two representatives of coffee farmers, two representatives of coffee exporters; two representatives of coffee processors; and the Managing Director of UCDA. There is also a Price Policy Committee comprising representative of the above mentioned institutions but including, in addition, a representative of the Bank of Uganda (BoU) and a Statistician.


Making Uganda a distinguished producer of high value coffee’.


The statute mandates UCDA to promote and oversee the development of the coffee industry through research, quality assurance and improved marketing. This statute was later amended in 1994 and the Coffee Regulations 1994 aimed at streamlining the industry came into force.

UCDA Licenses coffee roasters, processors and exporters, and carries out quality inspection and regulation. All coffee exports must be quality checked and certified prior to export. UCDA also carries out training of quality controllers, cup testing and some extension among processors.

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