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Finance & Administration

undersecretary -  rnMr. Dhombo

Department profile
The department facilities the operations of the technical departments and provides support services in the areas of administration, management of financial resources and human development. In addition, administration is responsible for providing leadership in the initiation, formulation implementation, and coordination and monitoring of Government Policy.
Key Objectivern

Provide financial, administrative, human resource management, development, information and communication systems and services to enable achievement of sector objectives.


Key Functions

  1. Formulate review, and implement policies, legislation, regulations, standards, plans and strategies for the Agricultural Sector;
  2. rn
  3. Prepare the Ministry’s recurrent and development budgets;
  4. rn
  5. Manage the Ministry’s finances;
  6. rn
  7. Prepare and submit financial reports to relevant authorities;
  8. rn
  9. Account for all MAAIF resources;
  10. rn
  11. Provide and maintain office accommodation, facilities and other necessities including logistics and motor vehicles;
  12. rn
  13. Advise PS and Top Managers on administrative, financial and personnel matters;
  14. rn
  15. Design and implement sustainable capacity building programmes for stakeholders in the agricultural sector;
  16. rn
  17. Develop and implement appropriate information and communication systems and strategies for the sector
  18. rn
  19. Interpret and disseminate regulations concerning finance, administration and personnel;
  20. rn
  21. Establish, operationalize and maintain systems for knowledge management and communication;
  22. rn
  23. Manage the national referral library and documentation centre.
  24. rn
  25. Maintain up to date personnel and other records;
  26. rn
  27. Manage public relations for the Ministry;
  28. rn
  29. Mobilize resources for the sector.
  30. rn
  31. Provide public relations for the Ministry.
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