Agricultural Planning


Under the Post Constitutional Restructuring (PCR) of MAAIF, the Agricultural Planning Department is mandated to: “Initiate, develop and prioritize agricultural projects and programmes, and to coordinate the planning activities of the various Departments within the Ministry”

A key aim of its work is to ensure that the activities of the Ministry as a whole lead towards the fulfillment of the national policy objectives


  • Initiate, formulate, review and co-ordinate Policies in the Agricultural Sector;
  • Plan, develop, monitor and co-ordinate plans, projects/ programmes, Strategies and investments in the Agricultural Sector;
  • Maintain a comprehensive and up to date database on the Agricultural Sector.


Office of Commissioner, Agricultural Planning

·         Overall management and technical guidance of Planning Department

·         Overall leadership and support for all agriculture sector planning functions in the Ministry (including its agencies) and in the local governments.


For strategic planning, development planning and programming


  • Definition of strategic priorities for the agricultural sector
  • Formulation of development strategies, plans and programmes in the agricultural sector
  • Provision of guidelines for the preparation of annual sector and district plans
  • Co-ordination and integration of the national agriculture strategy into MAAIF departmental plans
  • Identification and preparation of sub-sector investment programmes
  • Co-ordination and harmonisation of stakeholders' Strategies to the national   agricultural sector strategy
  • Co-ordination of the preparation of the sector budget framework paper
  • Harmonisation of national agriculture sector strategies with regional and international strategies


For agricultural statistics, monitoring, evaluation and overall quality assurance


  • Monitoring and evaluation of development activities to ensure successful implementation of all programmes and projects within the Ministry, in liaison with the specialist departments.
  • Sector and district monitoring and reporting of project implementation.
  • Implementation of sector and district project and programme review.
  • Preparation of project and programme completion reports.


  • Designing and implementation of annual agricultural sample surveys.
  • Liaison with USOS in the preparation and implementation of national sample census of crops and Livestock; and integrated fish fry surveys.
  • Implementation of the Plan for National Statistics Development for the Sector
  • Maintenance of a comprehensive database, base for the sector.
  • Provision of agricultural statistics to users, who include all other departments, divisions and sections of MAAIF, other Ministries and departments, international agencies, NGOs, and others interested in agricultural statistics.


For agribusiness market research, commercial farm management and food security


  • Developing policy guidelines for the transformation of subsistence agriculture into commercial agriculture.
  • Planning, monitoring and evaluating the improvement of agri-business and farm management countrywide.
  • Providing technical advice to promote profitable utilization of factors of production on the farm, namely: Land, Labour, Capital, Entrepreneurship and Time.
  • Training MAAIF staff and other trainers on agribusiness management, farm management, and farm records keeping, analysis, interpretation and utilisation.
  • Providing policy guidelines in the promotion of profitable farming systems.
  • Analysis of production and socio-economic conditions affecting on-farm and agro-industry operations.
  • Developing guidelines and recommendations for improved on-farm and agro-industry operations.
  • Dissemination of market information to farmers and other agro-industry operators.
  • Working out strategies and implementation plans for national food security, and monitoring their implementation, in close liaison with the respective technical departments of MAAIF