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As part of the Restructuring of the Government Ministries and Departments, in 1998 Cabinet under Minute No. 118 (CT 1998) directed that departmental training institutions be transferred from their parent Ministries to the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES). Consequently, the training institutions which were under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) were transferred to MOES. These included Bukalasa Agricultural College, Arapai Agricultural College, Veterinary Training Institute – Entebbe, Fisheries Training Institute – Entebbe and Busitema Agricultural College, Tororo.

In 2010, Government of Uganda made a decision to transfer some of the training institutions back to MAAIF. These included Bukalasa Agricultural College, Fisheries Training Institute and Veterinary Training Institute. These institutions are to revert to MAAIF with effective from 1st July 2010.
Veterinary Training Institute (VTI)
The management of the Veterinary Training Institute (VTI) is currently under the Bukalasa Agriculture Training College. The decision to merge the administration of the two institutions was taken to enable the sector implement the unified agricultural extension system mooted in 1994, to put the livestock, crop and fish sectors under one command. This was to enable the information from the various sectors to be co-ordinated and ensure economical utilization of the available resources.