Enhancing National Food Security Through Increased Rice Production Project (ENRP)

Enhancing National Food Security Through Increased Rice Production Project (ENRP)

Reporting date:                        13th March, 2017

Project name:                           Enhancing National Food Security through Increased Rice Production

Project code:                            1316

Effective Date:                          20th October, 2016

Project Amount:                       USD 34.05 Million IDB and USD 19.2 million GoU (Total)

  • Annual Planned Budget = USD  2,106,500 IDB and 360 million GoU (2016/17 F/Y)
  • Amount Disbursed to date = USD  0 IDB and     106 million GoU (Quarter 1 to Quarter 3)

Project Coordinator:                Abong S. Peter

Project development Objective:

To increase production and productivity, mainly of smallholders rice farmers, by:

  1. a) Bringing into productive use 5,500 ha of land brought under protective irrigation,
  2. b) Doubling the productivity of small scale producers from a national average of 1.5 tons/ha to 3 tons/ha,
  3. c) Facilitating the development of agro-processing and marketing for rice output from small scale producers.

Specific Objectives:

The project is expected to increase production and productivity, mainly of small holder rice farmers, by focusing on those factors that currently limit production which include;

  1. a) Addressing key inputs and output bottlenecks,
  2. b) Management of water for production,
  3. c) Developing producer organizations (POs) with a focus on; creating group cohesiveness and developing business/marketing skills, creating market linkages with buyers and linking them with service providers (for extension, inputs, finance, output, etc)


Planned Output Timeline Status Remarks on status and achievements (Results)
Terms of Reference (TORs) for  remaining positions prepared and submitted to IDB January – March, 2017 TOR for 7 technical staff was forwarded to IDB for approval in November, 2016 The last IDB mission has assigned M&E officer to review and send for a no-objection. Consultations with HRM Department will be made.
The main 4 staff recruited.

·         Project coordinator

·         Procurement Specialist

·         Project Accountant

·         M & E Officer Specialist

January- March, 2017 Salary structure was discussed between IDB mission and MAAIF management on Thursday 9th March, 2017. Contract signing to be completed by mid-March, 2017.
A re-scoping mission conducted. March, 2017 A re-scoping mission was conducted from 5th to 11th March, 2017. IDB sent a re-scoping and a pre-launch stakeholder consultation mission to Uganda on the dates indicated.
A pre-launch consultative workshop for the project conducted March 2017 IDB conducted a pre-launch stakeholder consultation workshop on the 10th March, 2017 at Source of the Nile Hotel, Jinja. The pre-launch workshop was attended by representatives from central and local governments, development partners, IDB and media.
A Draft new Project Appraisal Document (PAD) ready to be submitted to IDB top management for approval. 20th April 2017 Each staff given a task to work with IDB towards the production of a Draft new PAD and Project Implementation Plan (PIM). The interim period March to April, 2017 was used for the preparation of the PAD and PIM
Minister of Finance Planning and Economic Development wrote to IDB President on 14th August, 2017 seeking Bank`s position on the project. 14th August, 2017 Letter was received by IDB and responded accordingly. The IDB responded by clearing the project from its red list and confirmed the project is due for funding
Project has been approved by IDB and amended finance agreement signed sent on 28th December, 2017 through MoFPED for approval and signing by IDB. 28th December,2017 MoFPED sent the amended finance Agreement to IDB for approval and signing The IDB approved and signed the amended document
Disbursement of 46,200 USD for six months (March-August) towards staff salaries was made. Additional disbursement request of 42,000 USD forwarded to IDB. October, 2017 IDB responded by channeling the requested funds to Bank of Uganda- project account The staff salaries were sent to the different accounts of technical staff.
The General Procurement Notice (GPN) was advertised nationally in the New Vision on 8th December, 2017 and regionally in the East African on 9th December 2017; internationally in the Development Business and to all embassies of IDB member countries. 8th December,2017 and 9th December, 2017 Final no object were given by IDB after approval from MAAIF to run in the respective media papers The adverts were ran in gazette newspapers in the national, regional and international bulletins together with postings at the different embassies of member countries to inform the public about the availability of provision of goods, services and consultancy work.
MAAIF wrote to Auditor General (AG) requesting for appointment of Project external Auditors as reflected in the Project Appraisal Document. 4th December, 2017 Auditor General  constituted the outsourcing committee which came up with selected and approved 5 firms which will be eligible for final selection The Selected firms have been sent to IDB awaiting for clearance such that they go ahead to solicit for the best bidder.
Procurement of six Project vehicles approved by the Minister of Public Service on 20th December, 2017. 20th December,2017 Memo has been written to CAIWAP for specifications Specifications will be forwarded to the Chief Mechanical Engineer in MWT for clearance.
Procurement of Office Accommodation which commenced in August and it’s on-going. August- on going, 2017 Contracts committee awarded on condition that the chief government valuer approves basing on the current market rate. MAAIF wrote to the Chief Government Valuer who visited the premises and we are waiting for report to proceed on the award.
Continuous mobilization and engagement of farmers and other stakeholders on-going in the project location area. January- on going, 2017 Quarterly meetings are held with different stakeholders in the project location areas Districts and Farmers have embraced the project activities and welcome continuous dialogue for the smooth running of the project.

Emerging issues

1) The bank (IDB) is slow in processing documents.

2) The bank has not yet opened a special account (for project operations) in IDB which is a requirement as per project document. This has stalled project activities since funds can’t be disbursed into the country (Bank of Uganda –Project Account) without it.