The Goat Export Project

The Goat Export Project

Project Objectives

“To enhance the contribution of the goat industry to farmers’ income and welfare.”               

Specific objectives

  • Avail improved indigenous and exotic (Savannah) goat germplasm to farmers in the project area which will serve as a springboard for establishing a pilot goat export zone in the country
  • To establish open nucleus breeding herds coupled with systematic cross breeding programme for generating meat goat types for fattening and
  • Improve the goat management systems and create sustainable supplies of quality goats for internal and export markets.

This project is implemented by Ssembeguya Estates (U) Ltd for Goat Export under a Memorandum of Understanding signed with Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries in March 2005 and revised in August 2015. Furthermore, MAAIF delegated the execution of the project to National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) after a Presidential Directive Ref. PO/4 to the Rt. Hon. Prime minister in 2009.

Link with the National Development Plan (NDP)

“Increased Agricultural productivity and overall household Incomes.”

Description of Outputs

  • Production of quality goats for local, regional and international markets produced
  • Improved indigenous bucks and does for genetic improvement for weight and numerical goat productivity
  • Trained goat farmers and extension workers with capacity in goat production and improvement techniques.